What you can expect on your 1st visit?

Whether you have picked up your "intake" paperwork ahead of your first visit with us or are just about to fill it out in our relaxing waiting room, please fill it out completely. The more information the Doctor's have about you and your health concerns, the more quickly they can get to your core problem(s). Don't assume that something might not matter. Dr. Dave and Dr. Lawson will evaluate your problem on many more levels than you are accustomed to with other health care practitioners. For instance, be sure to mention any trauma or stress you may be going through or have gone through like a job loss, divorce, death of a loved one, etc. They want to know exactly what your job entails, hobbies or habits that may be physical (like lifting children/grandchildren). It's all important so write down anything like this you can think of. You will have approximately 15 minutes of Dr. Dave or Dr. Lawson's undivided attention to present your health concerns. hey will listen, ask questions and tell you whether or not and how he can help you. 

Now is when we can talk about insurance (if you see Dr. Dave) and initial costs before you have incurred any charges.

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