At Heinrich Chiropractic we carry only the highest quality supplements. Dr Dave researches companies for quality, potency and affordability. Beginning January 1, 2009 we will special order most supplements specifically for each patient as needed. We appreciate pre-payment for the supplements ordered. We will continue to "stock" critical care supplements and fish oil only.

When the "New Economy" hit, we made the decision to lower the fees on most of our services and implement a "cash discount". Our aim is to help more people in the community through these hard economic times. Unfortunately, because the "New Economy" hit us too, we had to make some choices. We chose lowering fees over continuing to keep a "store" on premises. It is our hope that our patients will benefit from this decision and will support our efforts to make holistic health care affordable and available to our community.

Please try to be sure of NOT to letting your supplements run out. It can take up to a week (sometimes longer if they are on backorder) to get some supplements; although some can arrive the next day. 

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