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Dr. Dave incorporates manual adjustments with Activator, Percussor and Arthro-Stim to gently align the body, removing interferences to the body's natural healing mechanism.

MYO-FASCIAL (muscle fibers) RELEASE and INJURY RECALL TECHNIQUE Releases the memory of physical trauma at the tissue/cellular level including surgical scars and blunt force trauma from falls, auto accidents etc. to aid total healing. 

LOW-LEVEL LASER THERAPY FDA approved laser therapy supports healing at the cellular level. Free office demonstrations.

IONIC DE-TOXIFYING FOOTBATH - We live in a toxic world. The Ionic Footbath supports the body in it's effort to get rid of these interferences to health. Ours is much different than you will find in beauty shops etc. It can be programmed for Iontophoresis, where we actually put supplements into the water and allow the body to absorb them. Out with the bad/In with the good!

ELECTRO-THERAPY Works with chiropractic adjustments to release muscle and soft tissue memory promoting faster healing and reducing pain and inflammation.

ALLERGY ELIMINATION Chiropractic, homeopathics, nutritional remedies, Low Level Laser Therapy and BRT make up "allergy relief packages" for both adults and children who suffer from most allergies.

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